Beer Kits & Ingredients

We offer a wide range of beer kits, malt extracts, hops, adjuncts and brewing yeasts.  We have not been able to put them all onto our WEB site will do so as time goes on.  If you need something then please give us a call on 01785 243576 or mail us

Most beer kit brands have their own pages on our WEB site bit some which we have not place on other pages are listed here:

- 1.5Kg to 1.8Kg kits from John Thompson, EDME, Brewmart, Brewferm and Youngs. Other 1.5Kg. to 1.8Kg. kits from Muntons, Coopers, Geordie and John Bull can be found by clicking on the name in the left margin.

1.5Kg to 1.8Kg Beer Kits - make 40 pints unless stated otherwise
Youngs (1.5Kg) Harvest Bitter£11.00
Youngs (1.5Kg) Harvest Lager£11.00
Youngs (1.5Kg) Harvest Mild£11.00
Youngs (1.5Kg) Harvest Yorkshire Bitter£11.00
Youngs (1.5Kg) Harvest Scottish Ale£11.00
Youngs (1.5Kg) Harvest Pilsner£11.00
Youngs (1.5Kg) Harvest Stout£11.00
Brewferm (1.5Kg) Abbey Beer - makes approx. 20 pints£13.50
Brewferm (1.5Kg) Ambiorix - makes approx. 26 pints£13.50
Brewferm (1.5Kg) Grand Cru - makes approx. 16 pints£13.50
Brewferm (1.5Kg) Diabolo - makes approx. 16 pints£13.50
Brewferm (1.5Kg) Tripple - makes approx. 16 pints£13.50
Burton Bridge (1.8Kg) Bitter£15.50
Burton Bridge (1.8Kg) Porter£15.50
Burton Bridge (1.8Kg) Summer Ale£15.50

Malt Extracts

- Light, Medium, Dark and Extra Dark Spray Malt from Muntons
- Light, Medium and Dark Malt Extract for Muntons and Bulldog Blend

Malt Extract
Muntons Malt Extract Light (1.8Kg)£14.50
Muntons Malt Extract Medium (1.8Kg)£14.50
Muntons Malt Extract Dark (1.8Kg)£14.50
Muntons Spaymalt Light (500g)£4.00
Muntons Spaymalt Medium (500g)£4.00
Muntons Spaymalt Dark (500g)£4.00
Muntons Spaymalt Extra Dark (500g)£4.00
Burton Bridge/Muntons/Geordie Beer Kit Enhancer (1Kg.)£5.00

Grains and Adjuncts

We have Pale, Light Wheat and German Pilsner Crushed Malt as well as traditional crushed Crystal Malt and various caramalised malts for Belgian, German or Czech style Beers and Lagers.   These are usually available at the shop: Pale Malt is weighed out to customer requirement the others are pre-packaged in 500g, 3Kg and/or 5Kg sizes.   Please phone or e-mail us about availability and postage.
We have a wide range of vacuum packed General Purpose, Bittering and Aroma Hops in either vacuum packed in 113gram packs or loose in 500gram packs.

Golding Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Fuggles Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Hall/Northern Brewer Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Challenger Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Cascade Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Brambling Cross Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Progress Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Hallertauer Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Styrian Goldings Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Saaz Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Northdown Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
Target Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
WGV Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (113g)£7.00
East Kent Golding Leaf Hops (100g)£6.25
Hallertau Hersbruker Leaf Hops (100g)£6.25
Hallertau Mittelfruh Leaf Hops (100g)£6.25

We have Muntons yeast, Safale and Saflager dries yeasts.  We also have a range of Wyeast liquid beer yeasts in many specific strains.

Dry Brewing Yeast
Safale S-04 top fermenting ale yeast (11.5g)£2.50
Saflager S-23 bottom fermenting lager yeast (11.5g)£3.50
Muntons Homebrewing yeast (6g)£1.00
Muntons Premium Gold yeast (6g)£1.50