Bulldog Brew Premium Ale and Lager Kits

Pennine Peak Yorkshire Bitter

Malty and rich with a smooth feel and creamy head.   Full bodies and perfectly balanced with a long hoppy finish.
Brews: 40 pints   Bitterness: 35-40EBU  
Finishing Hops: Goldings & Fuggles  
ABV Approx.: 4.7%   Weight: 3.3Kg.   Price   £24.00

Raja's Reward India Pale Ale

Golden straw coloured, notes of citrus and a hint of tropical fruit.   Good body, very crisp and distinct hoppiness.
Brews 40 pints   Bitterness: 40-45EBU  
Finishing Hops: Goldings & Fuggles  
ABV Approx.: 4.8%   Weight: 3.4Kg.   Price   £24.00

Triple Tykes Special Export Ale

Smmoth, strong, malty with fruity notes and hints of vanilla and toast.   Perfect balance between body and bitterness with very clean finish.
Brews 40 pints   Bitterness: 40-50EBU  
Finishing Hops: Target & Goldings  
ABV Approx.: 5.4%   Weight: 4.0Kg.   Price   £24.00

Cobnar Wood Northern Brown Ale

Smooth balance between Fuggles hops and the full bodies roasted malt flavours.   Hints of chocolate malt with a nutty finish.
Brews 40 pints   Bitterness: 45-55EBU  
Finishing Hops: Fuggles  
ABV Approx.: 4.8%   Weight: 3.8Kg.   Price   £24.00

Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza

Light in colour a subtle body exhibiting lightness but with a good structure.   A refreshing , social drink on its own or when enhanced with a sliver of lime.
Brews 40 pints   Bitterness: 30-40EBU  
Finishing Hops: Saaz & Cascade  
ABV Approx.: 4.3%   Weight: 3.0Kg.   Price   £24.00

Hammer of Thor Special Gravity Lager

This is a strong lager.   Do not be taken in by its gentle, light colour and soft, aromatic hops - it will knock you out.
Brews 40 pints   Bitterness: 25-35EBU  
Finishing Hops: Saaz & Hallertau  
ABV Approx.: 6.0%   Weight: 4.0Kg.   Price   £24.00