House of Beaverdale

These notes are copied from the RICHIES Vintage product guide.

Available in 6 and 30 bottle packs.   Only the best quality grapes are used to produce these kits.   All come complete so all you do is add water.   These wines will improve with keeping, but we do believe even within a week of making, you will be delighted with the finished taste.

Wine Codes: Sweetness 0 - 10 (0 = driest, 10 = sweetest.)

The Aging of House of Beaverdale Kit Wines

The aging period depends on many factors.   For example, using a long, high quality cork or adding some extra sulphite at bottling will extend the maximum age period. The general guideling for Beaverdale wines is that Beaverdale red wines are best after 2 months and best before 1 year after bottling.   The Beaverdale white wines are best after 1 month and best before 1 year after bottling.


Storage plays a big role in the aging process and can make or break a finished wine.   Generally, white wines, sweet wines and champagne above all - are more frail than reds.   Grape varieties can also make a difference - for example, Cabernet Sauvignon wines are generally more resilient than Pinot Noirs.   However, always minimising the risks involved in bottle storage - heat, light, lack of humidity and constant movement - is the wisest plan.
The ideal temperature is 7 to 13 degrees C (45 to 55 degrees F).   Wines can be stored up to 20 degrees C (68 degrees F), but note that wine matures much more rapidly at higher temperatures.   At lower temperatures, slower maturation allows more complexity to develop.   Constant temperature is the key - wide fluctuations should be avoided.
Sunlight and ultraviolet light are as bad for wine as excessive heat, but are problems usually much easier to overcome.   Though most wines are protected by coloured glass bottles, place wines in areas away from light or cover them with a blanket.
Some degree of humidity is beneficial to ensure that the exposed end of the cork does not dry out and allow in oxygen.   Thus, beware air conditioners that suck moisture out of the air.   Ideally, relative humidity should be between 60% and 75%.
Wine does not take well to constant movement and vibration (particularly if there is sediment present), thus a secure storage space is necessary.   Secure storage should also mean storing bottles horizontally, allowing constant countact of the wine with the cork and preventing it from drying out and letting air in.
Red Wine Kits
Barolo (Italian Red)
An enormously robust wine that has a good depth of colour, it is made from the Nebbiolo grape.   The best commercially produced Barolos are aged in oak for 4 to 5 years.
Sweetness = 0.   Oak Chips Included.
Cabernet Sauvignon
A splendid grape variety used in the creation of the world's finest red wines.   The full-bodied, complex wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are well balanced and intense with splendid fragrances.   These long lived wines start off high in tannins, but smooth to a velvety finish with aging.
Sweetness = 0.   Oak Chips Included.
Californian Red
Zinfandel's produced commercially are usually red or blush wines that can range in taste from sharp and full bodied to smooth and earthy qualities.
Sweetness = 0 to 2.   Oak Chips Included.
An early ripening and productive grape that originated in France and which is now grown widely in many areas including California and Northern Italy.   The grape produces a rich fruity non-astringent wine that, because its softness, is often blended with many of the world's finest red wines.
Sweetness = 0.   Oak Chips Included.
Rioja (Spanish Red)
The Rioja valley in Spain produces excellent red wines (where we get our grapes from).   To be called a Rioja they have to be made in this area.   About a dozen different varieties of grapes go into the making of Rioja wines.   All commercially produced Riojas will spend a year in fermenting tanks.
Sweetness = 0.   Oak Chips Included.
Vieux Chateau Du Roi
Our version of the famous Chateau Neuf.   Full bodied, yet soft and quick to mature.   A fine oak aroma makes this an ideal accompaniment to hearty red meat dishes.
Sweetness = 0.   Oak Chips Included.
Rose Wine Kits
Chablis Blush
One of the many styles of blush wines to follow in the footsteps of the Zinfandel Blush; light and refreshing, almost a Rose, in style.
Sweetness = 1.   Oak Chips Included.
White Wine Kits
Californian White
White Zinfandel uses the Chenin grape - which is refreshing to the palate.   The Californian varietal produces a mellow fruity character with a distinctive floral after taste.
Sweetness = 0 to 2.   Oak Chips Included.
One of the world's great white wine grapes.   Used in the making of many styles.   When properly aged in oak, the fragrant and flavourful crisp wines derived from Chardonnay are rich and well-balanced with wonderful body and finesse and a lingering after taste.
Sweetness = 0.   Oak Chips Included.
Most commercial Muscadets are often soft and neutral with a touch of residual sugar.   Usually the combination of fresh acidity and flinty-minerally overtones makes Muscadet an excellent everyday wine.
Sweetness = 0.   Oak Chips Included.
Sauvignon Blanc
A good basic dry white wine made from the grape of the same name.   The Sauvignon Blanc may be used in combination with other grapes to make wines such as the White Bordeaux of France.
Sweetness = 0.   Oak Chips Included.
White Burgundy Style
Our version of the famous French wine.   A full-bodied wine with robust peach and apricot flavours.   Ideal for drinking anytime.
Sweetness = 0.   Oak Chips Included.