We stock many pieces of equipment and sundry ingredients for brewing beer and making wine. As this web site is not yet fully populated, please call into or phone the shop (01785 243576) or e-mail us to let us know what you would like.

Fermenting Equipment
10 Litre/2 Gallon fermentation bin with lid£5.50
15 Litre/3 Gallon fermentation bin with lid£7.00
25 Litre/5 Gallon fermentation bin with lid£10.00
25 Litre/5 Gallon fermentation bin with lid and tap£12.50
33 Litre/6 Gallon fermentation bin with lid£12.00
Standard Vinometer£3.50
Thermometer (spirit, 12 inch)£3.00
Dial Thermometer£10.00
Trial Jar (plastic)£2.75
Acid Test Kit£5.50
Long plastic spoon£1.50
Beer Paddle (plastic)£1.20

Heating Equipment
1 Demi-john heated mat£25.50
Fermenter/2 Demi-john heated mat£33.00
Fermenter/4 Demi-john heated mat£43.00
25 Litre container heated pad£38.00
Electrim 75 immersion heater£27.00
Brew belt£21.00

Nylon bottle brush£2.50
Stainless steel spiral bottle brush£22.50
Nylon jar brush, cranked£3.50

Brewing Equipment
Long plastic spoon£1.50
Beer Paddle (plastic)£1.20
1.5m 5/16" tube siphon + 14" U-bend£3.50
1.5m 5/16" tube siphon + 18" U-bend£5.00
Small pump-start siphon (fits Demi-john)£7.50
Large pump-start siphon£12.00
Weltonhurst 5 gallon white barrel with S-30 2" cap£30.00
King Keg Bottom Tap (5 Gallon)£46.00
King Keg Top Tap (5 Gallon)£48.00
Cornelius Keg - reconditioned£65.00
Cornelius Keg - reconditioned with S-30 inlet valve£75.00
Cornelius Keg - new£140.00
Cornelius Keg Flexi-tap with hose and OUT disconnect£21.00
Cornelius Keg gas/sparesPHONE
Minikeg Starter Kit (3 x 5l kegs + tap + 5 x gas cartridges)£75.00
Minikeg spare 5l keg and bung£8.00
Minikeg bung with pressure release valve£6.50
Pack of 5 16g gas cartridges for Minikeg£6.00
Electrim Mashing Bin£78.00
Mashing and Sparging Bag for Bruheat£8.75

Wine Making Equipment
1 gallon/4.5 Litres Demi-john£7.50
1 gallon/5 Litre PET demi-john (rectangular) + top/grommet£3.50
5 gallon/25 Litre wide neck plastic fermenter - takes standard bung£15.00
5 gallon/30 Litre high quality plastic fermenter with airlock & tap£40.00
5 gallon/60 Litre high quality plastic fermenter with airlock & tap£50.00
Plastic air lock£1.00
Drilled or solid rubber bung for demi-johns/fermenters£0.50
Drilled or solid cork bung for demi-johns/fermenters£0.25
Harris Vinbrite Mk 3 filter£22.00
Harris Crystalbrite pads (pack of 6 - thin pads)£6.50
Harris Vinbrite filter papers£5.00
Harris 24 cm Vin (filter) papers£7.50
Harris Quick Fine Crystal No 1£1.50
Harris Quick Fine Liquid No 2£1.50
Harris Quick Fine Powder No 3£1.50