Festival Premium Ale Kits

Each kit contains two pouches (total 3Kg.) of premium brewer's grade liquid malt extract, hopped for bitterness and a 10g. sachet of varietal beer yeast.   Additionally, there is a sachet of hop pellets made up from appropriate mixed varieties of hops, to create the right style of beer and a measured sachet of priming sugar.   Because the addition of hop pellets will create more matter in the fermenting beer, there is also a small straining bag in the kit which is placed over the tube inlet when syphoning the beer to prevent clogging of the syphon tube and slowing down the syphon flow rate.

Landlords Finest Bitter

A classic pale ale, buiscuit malt tones layered with subtle fruit character and earthy undertones.   A real session ale.
Brews 40 pints   Hops: Celeia & Admiral   ABV Approx.: 4.3%   Price   £25.00

Golden Stag Summer Ale

Bursting with citrus hop taste and aroma, balanced with a refreshing dryness.   Unlike many summer ale kits this beer does not have a sweet, but a very satisfying dry finish.
Brews 40 pints   Hops: Cascade & Columbus   ABV Approx.: 4.5%   Price   £25.00

Old Suffolk Strong Ale

Great woody character and well balanced sweetness with hints of vanilla.   Because of its high gravity this beer has a sweet finish.
Brews 40 pints   Hops: Boadicea   ABV Approx.: 6.0%   Price   £25.00

Father Hooks Best Bitter

This beer has a big malty body with wonderful orange marmalade character.   The malts are perfectly balanced with the hop bitterness.
Brews 40 pints   Hops: Bramling Cross & Apollo   ABV Approx.: 4.6%   Price   £25.00

Pilgrims Hope

This beer has complex flavours of tropical fruit and pine needles in abundance.   It is big and malty with perfect bitterness.
Brews 40 pints   Hops: Target & Summit   ABV Approx.: 5.0%   Price   £25.00

Pride of London Porter

This is an ale with a smooth malty character.   With hints of chocolate and roasted malts it has a balancing hint of hops.
Brews 40 pints   Hops: Target   ABV Approx.: 5.2%   Price   £25.00