Welcome to the Website of Eastgate Homebrew. We are dedicated and enthusiastic about home brew and have many years of experience. We are based in the town centre of Stafford located only a minuteís walk from Asda with parking facilities right outside the shop. The shop has been supplying homebrew kits, equipment and ingredients for over 27 years and still going strong. We remain determined to provide customers with a friendly helpful service together with all the goods and equipment required to produce the highest possible quality beers, wines and spirits at a fraction of commercial retail prices. Please note prices shown on this site may not be correct as the website is undergoing restructuring at the moment. For accurate prices please telephone or email us.

Although we are a small shop in size we do supply a fantastic range of kits and Ingredients plus all the equipment you need for brewing the following:

Wine Making

Spirit & Liquor Making (Remember you will need a licence to distil alcohol in the UK but wonít need one to ferment it)

Beer Making

Lager Making

Cider Making

Whether you require a simple 30 bottle table wine or a more sophisticated robust quality wine for that special occasion then you have come to the right place. We can even deliver fantastic individual recipes for whatever quality you require. Now turning to beers here again we can help from supplying simple beer kits or assist with complex recipes for doing a half or full mash. Whatever your needs just give us a call or drop us an email where we shall only be pleased to help you. Tel: 01785 243576 Mobile: 07777602313 or email to mail@eastgatehomebrew.co.uk

You can place orders for your requirements by telephoning the shop on 01785 243576 or Mobile: 07777602313 or e-mailing your order to steve@eastgatehomebrew.co.uk. Remember I deliver free within a range of 15 miles of Stafford provided your order is over £50.00 otherwise there is a small charge to cover transport costs.

National deliveries are dependent on weight but as a general rule the guide is as follows:

1 kilo is £2.90: 2 kilo £3.98: 5 Kilo is £6.98 15 kilo £12.00:†††††  

We are enthusiastic brewers and winemakers and we are far more interested in firing up your enthusiasm for this interesting and absorbing hobby rather than just selling you something.

The quality of home brewing and winemaking kits and equipment is excellent these days so donít be put off by memories of previous negative experiences you may have had. In addition to a wealth of experience myself we have many "expert" friends so if there is something you are unsure about or want to know then just phone or e-mail me to ask.   I am always on the lookout for any good new ideas which I like to try out to make sure they work so donít hesitate to let me know of any ideas you would like to share.

There are many styles of wines, beers and cider kits not to mention a vast array of spirit and liquor essences, each with different characteristics and flavours. Take a look at our range on this website and start your brewing hobby straight away that will not only save you money but will provide you with enormous pleasure and pride particularly when you serve your family and friends with incredible wines and beers they will find very hard to believe was made by yourself. Good luck and good brewing.

Kindest Regards

Steve Marshall CEO