John Bull 1.8Kg. Beer & Cider Kits

Kit Type


Best Bitter

A classic example of this dark clear brew with a smooth, dry character and full bodied flavour.
English brewers have perfected Best Bitter over the centuries making it famous throughout the world.
Best served at room temperature. Makes 40 pints.   (Use light or medium spraymalt.)

£ 12.00

India Pale Ale

A British pale ale originally made to be shipped to India.
Lots of hop character, with a smooth well balanced body.   Makes 40 pints.   (Use light or medium spraymalt.)

£ 12.00


The most popular brew in the world, famed for its clear, bright appearance and light refreshing taste.
Many lager variations have been introduced throughout the years.
This is a classic example of its superb original form.   Makes 40 pints.   (Use light spraymalt.)

£ 12.00


More of the sugar is converted to alcohol in this strong super premium pale lager with a fragrant,
flowery bouquet and an elegant, dry, hoppy finish giving a refreshing, slightly sharp taste.   Makes 40 pints.   (Use light spraymalt.)

£ 12.00

Traditional English Ale

A darker well hopped bitter in the English tradition, full-bodied and with a dark malt character.
Ideal at a temperature of 10 to 15°C.   Makes 40 pints.   (Use medium spraymalt.)

£ 12.00

Country Cider

A full flavoured, sparkling, medium dry traditional English Cider.  
Made to a premium cider kit recipe containing quality European apple juice concentrate.  
Contains a sachet of Premium John Bull Cider Yeast and Cider Nutrient.
Makes 40 pints of traditional cider or 32 pints of strong cider.