Brupaks Pride of Yorkshire Microbrewery Series

Photo of Pride of Yorkshire box

These are more than just beer kits they are CONCENTRATED BREWERS WORTS.   Production follows traditional brewhouse procedures using only the finest quality 2-row malting barley and the choicest English hops. The grist (crushed malt) is 'mashed' with water at 65 °C for about one hour to convert the starches into sugars.  The resultant liquid (wort) is strained off into a boiling vessel where hops are added for bitterness.   After boiling, extra hops are added for flavour and aroma.   In a commercial brewery the wort would be cooled rapidly to around 20 °C, then transferred to a fermentation vessel where it is transformed into beer.   As our worts are to be fermented at home, they first need to be reduced to a convenient size for the home beermaker to carry.   To achieve this, the excess liquid is evaporated under vacuum, at low temperatures to preserve the delicate flavours, then pasteurised and canned.   To continue the brewing process at home, all that is necessary is to dilute the concentrated wort back to its original density and ferment!   Extra hops are included to restore aroma lost during production.   Included in the box are some advanced instructions for those who like to experiment.   Subtle flavour differences can be achieved by adopting a few advanced techniques e.g. bitterness adjustment, sweetness, colour etc.

Fixby Gold

Fixby Gold is a beautiful golden ale with a distinctive hop and grain character.   It works well as a draught ale but is even better when bottled and allowed to age for at least 2 months. Brews 40 pints.   Colour (EBC): 10 - 15   Bitterness (EBU): 30 to 40   Price  £22.50

India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale is a true classic.   In the time of the British Raj very strong pale ales were sent to India by sea.   These ales were very high in both alcohol and hops to preserve them on their long sea journey.   Generally they would be diluted to a more 'quaffable' alcohol level before drinking in India.   This is our interpretation of how a true IPA would have tasted. Brews 40 pints   Colour (EBC): 90 - 100   Bitterness (EBU): 30 to 40   Price  £22.50

Linthwaite Light

Linthwaite Light has been designed for those who prefer a light, refreshing beer which is neither bitter nor sweet.   The combination of its delicate flavour and its beguiling appearance will prove irresistable.   Linthwaite light will also make a delicious lager if cold fermented with a lager yeast. Brews 40 pints   Colour (EBC): 8 - 12   Bitterness (EBU): 25 to 30  Price  £22.50

Colne Valley Bitter

Colne Valley Bitter is a true classic in the tradition of full flavoured English Bitters.   With the emphasis on hop flavour rather than bitterness, and its perfect blend of malts, this beer with satisfy the most discerning of real ale enthusiasts. Brews 40 pints   Colour (EBC): 10 to 15   Bitterness (EBU): 35 TO 40  Price  £22.50

Birkby Bitter

Birkby Bitter is Brupaks' entrant in the session beer category.   Less Hoppy and slightly sweeter than Colne Valley Bitter, it has just the right balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness to keep you wanting more. Brews 40 pints   Colour (EBC): 10 to 15   Bitterness (EBU): 25 to 30  Price  £22.50

Almondsbury Old

Almondsbury Old is a traditional Old Ale, a style which has enjoyed a renaissance among the new breed of micro brewers. It is a rich tawny ale with a subtle roasted malt flavour and a distinct hop character in the style of the Old Ales' of fifty years ago, darker and richer than a Bitter but lighter and hoppier than a Brown Ale or Porter. This beer style has a wide appeal, especially with younger drinkers. Brews 40 pints. Brews 40 pints   Colour (EBC): 50 to 55   Bitterness (EBU): 35 to 40  Price  £22.50

Kirkburton Ale

Kirkburton Ale is intended to appeal to the brewer who is looking for something a bit special.   It is a rich, malty strong ale of immense character which is at its best when bottled.   Its heart warming properties make Kirkburton Ale the perfect after dinner beer. Brews 24 pints   Colour (EBC): 20 to 25   Bitterness (EBU): 60 to 65  Price  £22.50

Scammonden Dark

Scammonden Dark is a rich, dark ale in the style of a Porter.   Its blend of pale, crystal and roasted malts, together with subtle hop additions, afford this beer a great complexity of flavour.   It has great character and will appeal to those who prefer their beers to be assertive. Brews 40 pints   Colour (EBC): 90 to 100   Bitterness (EBU): 30 to 40  Price  £22.50

Special Lager

Special Lager is the only lager beer in the range.   It has a soft palate and a delicate hop bitterness which maked it very more-ish.   A genuine bottom fermenting yeast is included for authenticity. Brews 40 pints   Colour (EBC): 8 - 12   Bitterness (EBU): 30 to 40  Price  £23.50

West Riding Wheat

West Riding Wheat is a Bavarian style wheat beer with a very soft palate and a dleicate hop character.   The ideal alternative to lager on a warm day. Brews 40 pints   Colour (EBC): 7 - 10   Bitterness (EBU): 30 to 40  Price  £25.50

Honley Mild

Honley Mild is a traditional English mild ale.   Dark, soft and lightlyhopped.   Very refreshing and ideal for any time of year. Brews 40 pints   Colour (EBC): 80 - 100   Bitterness (EBU): 30 to 40  Price  £22.50