Kenridge Classic 30 Bottle Wine Kits

Some of these notes are copied from the Vineco product guide.

Timeless, elegant and inspiring - that is Kenridge Classic.   Creating traditional wines with time honoured bouquets and flavours characteristic to each vatietal.   This premium line of wine kits delivers the quality and value discerning wine enthusiasts demand.

You need a sterilized 25 Litre (5 gallon) fermeter, airlock and bung and water at about 20°C. They should be fermented in an ambient temperature of between 18°C and 22°C.

The instructions in these wine kits are layed out well and are easy to follow.

These 30 bottle kits contain 10 litres of concentrate.

White Wine Kits

Chardonnay - Aromas of ripe tropical fruit and crisp green apples with subtle undertones of oak.   A medium bodied wine with a citrus finish.

Gewurztraminer - A distinctive wine with a fragrant floral bouquet and flavours of peach, apricot, pear and spice.   The finish is soft and delicate.

Piesporter - A popular aromatic wine with a floral bouquet with hints of peach and citrus fruit.   Ripe flavours of exotic fruit and honey make it elegant and easy drinking.

Pinot Grigio - A crisp lively wine with a floral bouquet and flavours of ripe tropical fruit and gentle spice.   Very reminiscent of sipping wine in an sunny Italian Piazza.

Riesling - Floral and fruity aromas of apricot, pear and apple.   Sweet citrus flavours followed by a crisp zesty finish.

Sauvignon Blanc - This wine exhibits light grassy and tropical aromas with hints of smokiness from the toasted oak and smooth flavours of gooseberries and kiwi fruit.

Voignier - A unique full bodied white wine vaiety famous for its exotic, spiced-floral bouquet.   Voignier's flavour is rich with tastes of dried apricots, peaches, melons, pears and honey.

Rose or Blush Wine Kit

White Merlot - A refreshing new style of rose wine that is bursting with aromas and flavours of strawberries and cherries.

White Zinfandel - A fresh and fruity rose wine with strawberries, melons and a touch of spice on the nose.   A crisp and refreshing wine to be enjoyed chilled.

Red Wine Kits

Barolo - Deep in colour and high in tannin, this Italian classic is full-bodied and robust with black fruit flavours.

Cabernet Sauvignon - This wine is deep in colour and soft tannins and is full of berry and black currant flavours.

California Red - A dry, easy drinking, light-bodied red wine.

Chianti - A lively, fresh and fruity wine produced from classic grape varieties.

Merlot - An exceptionally soft and smooth wine which is low in tannin with rich blackberry and strawberry flavours.

Pinot Noir - A wine rich in complexity with a velvety finish, full of spices and fruit with hints of cherry and strawberry.

Rioja Tinto - Spain's answer to Chianti, this depply coloured wine has concentrated fruit with a medium body.   Soft and mellow with moderate tannins.

Shiraz - A rich dark red wine that has a ripe strawberry bouquet.   Flavours of plum, spice and blackberry with firm tannins.

Valpolicella - A dry, light to medium-bodied wine, full rich fruit flavours jumo out of the glass of this ruby red Italian style wine.

Vieux Chateau Du Roi - A robust yet smooth full-bodied wine with a bouquet of ripe berries and flavours of plum.

Zinfandel - A popular Californian wine, full-bodied with flavours of blackberry fruit followed by a peppery finish.